Mark Watson Cruise - 30 November 2017

Mark Watson: COMEDY Tour - Sorry, sold out

Writer, comedian and former Cambridge footlighter, Mark Watson has been a regular on the comedy circuit in 2002, after winning the Daily Telegraph Open Mic competition. This November he brings his latest tour to the Mersey Ferries.

After more than 100 dates on the road in 2016 with his best-reviewed show to date, 'I'm Not Here', and a similarly marathon effort with the previous tour, Mark Watson is amazed to find there are STILL some areas of the country he's not visited much, and some towns that have been neglected altogether. It's hard to be everywhere at once, so he's narrowed it down to a sensible plan: for the next tour, Watson will only visit places beginning with M or W, his initials - as they've already shown a commitment by having those names in the first place. A few of these will be favourite old haunts, some aren't actually towns or venues so much as trains (from Marylebone to Wycombe), ferries (across the Mersey), or a helicopter museum (in the double-point-scoring Middle Wallop).

The material will be a mixture of the classic and the never-before-seen. And in some cases a fair bit of it will be about being on a train.

Cruise departs from Pier Head, Liverpool at 8pm on the 30th November 2017. Cruise duration is approximately two hours. 

Sorry - sold out 

Please note - Any alcohol must be purchased on board the ferry