Murder Mystery Cruises - New for 2017

Enjoy an evening of super sleuthing to solve the murder that will unfold before your eyes whilst you enjoy an evening cruise on one of our iconic ferries.  A light supper of homemade scouse will be served during the cruise and a licenced bar will be available.
Our first cruise on the 15th June is entitled Blood on the Water!
The 'Savannah'- a pioneering vessel - the first steam ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  Back in those days, vessels sailed - they weren't powered by steam - steam was to be feared 'why the very speed would set a man on fire....'
Struggling to put together an experienced group of sailors to man her, captain Moses has instead assembled a rag-tag bunch of men-on-the-run, miscreants with nothing to lose - thieves, con men and murderers all.
Tonight, we welcome you aboard the Savannah, as we ready ourselves to depart Georgia, USA and head for Liverpool, England.
The word is that there’s a vendetta amongst the men, someone is out for blood....
Interrogate the crew, find the killer, discover the truth....
Cruise Dates

Thursday 15th June  - Blood on the Water! 
Thursday 29th June -  mystery theme TBA
Thursday 27th July - mystery theme TBA
Thursday 24th August - mystery theme TBA
Thursday 7th September - mystery theme TBA
Thursday 5th October - mystery theme TBA

- 7.00pm depart Seacombe, Wirral
- 7.15pm depart Pier Head, Liverpool
Approximate Finish:
- 9.00pm arrive back at Pier Head, Liverpool
- 9.15pm arrive back at Seacombe, Wirral   
The ticket price is £25 per person and will include a portion of Homemade Scouse (GF) or Homemade Blind Scouse (GF, V). Please order your preference when purchasing your ticket.
Advanced booking required, please call  0151 330 1444 or purchase from any of our ferry terminals. Or you can buy on line using the link below.

GF - Gluten Free
V- Vegetarian    
TBA – To Be Announced