Who Dunnit Mystery Cruises

​Enjoy an evening of super sleuthing to solve the case that will unfold before your eyes whilst you enjoy an evening cruise on one of our iconic ferries. A light supper of homemade scouse will be served during the cruise and the licenced bar will be open so you can buy drinks.

Cruise Dates  

The Longest Night - Thursday 5th October

A ship littered with corpses, dead rats and disease. The captain is dead. The vessel is being crewed and steered by those who remain. There's a storm brewing on the horizon. There's also a storm brewing on the ship. The naysayers deny a murderer - blaming the plague instead. Every day a new body, everybody pale and cold, seemingly without a mark. We only have to last out one more night. Land  & home will be in sight within a day. But first, we have one more night left... the longest night of them all.

Tickets are £25 per person and will include a portion of Homemade Scouse (GF) or Homemade Blind Scouse (GF, V). Please order your preference when buying your ticket. If you would like to book tickets, please call 0151 330 1003 or ask at the ferry terminal. You can also purchase tickets from our online shop.   

7.00pm from Seacombe, Wirral
7.15pm from Pier Head, Liverpool
Approximate Finish:
9.00pm arrive back at Pier Head, Liverpool
9.15pm arrive back at Seacombe, Wirral

Please note that most of the action takes place on the upper deck which is only accessible by stairs.

GF - Gluten Free
V- Vegetarian
TBA – To Be Announced

Any alcohol must be purchased on board the ferry