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Clipper Race

Since the very first Clipper Race in 1996, on board eight 60-foot yachts, the popularity of the race has increased immensely, with over 4,000 participants competing in the raceĀ sinceĀ 96'.

Clipper Round The World, known as the world's toughest ocean racing challenge, is an endurance challenge like no other. Covering 40,000 miles around the world, competitors are put to the ultimate test, working day and night to ensure they stay ahead of the race, preparing for bad weather conditions, solving any technical issues with their yacht and working as a team to try to beat the other teams to the next port.

Over the next nine months, we will bring you the latest from the race, updates from the Liverpool 2018 team, exciting photographs and most importantly... results!

You can also keep up-to-date with the very latest from the race over on the Clipper Race website - the Clipper Race Viewer is amazing!

Race Results

Leg 1
1st place - Great Britain (18 points)
2nd place - Greenings (12 points)
3rd place - Sanya Serenity Coast (11 points)

Leg 2
1st place - Dare to Lead (22 points)
2nd place - Greenings (12 points)
3rd place - Garmin (10 points)

Leg 3
1st place - Qingdao (16 points)
2nd place - Unicef (12 points)
3rd place - Great Britain (11 points)

Leg 4
1st place - Sanya (12 points)
2nd place - Visit Seattle (11 points)
3rd place - Qingdao (10 points)

Leg 5
1st place - (12 points)
2nd place - Sanya (11 points)
3rd place - Garmin (10 points)

Leg 6
1st place - Visit Seattle
2nd place - PSP Logistics
3rd place - Liverpool2018

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