Who Dunnit Mystery Cruise - SOLD OUT

Dazzle Ferry

​Enjoy an evening of super sleuthing to solve the case that will unfold before your eyes whilst you sail along the River Mersey. A light supper of homemade scouse will be served during the cruise and the licenced bar will be open so you can buy drinks.

Cruise Dates

Precious Cargo - Friday 12th October (SOLD OUT)
After several months at sea, the crew of the science vessel - 'Pathfinder' - are returning victorious, for they have found what they were looking for and are now finally returning home. Deep on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it lay, where it had been for many years, decades, centuries... the mission to retrieve it had been an arduous one and has cost the crew a great deal - but for what?  Only one man knows what the mysterious precious cargo really is, and after being kept in the dark for so long, the men and women around him are growing murderously curious…

Other important information

Tickets are £25 per person an will include a portion of our famous Homemade Scouse (GF) or Homemade Blind Scouse (GF, V). Please order your preference when buying your ticket. Any alcohol must be purchased on board the ferry. If you would like to book tickets, please call 0151 330 1003, ask at the ferry terminal or visit our online shop.

7.20pm from Seacombe
7.30pm from Pier Head, Liverpool 

Please note - The performance area is situated on the upper deck, which is accessible by stairs only. The main deck of the vessel is fully accessible and includes accessible toilet and bar area. Cruise duration is 2 hours and is not suitable for children. ​