Who Dunnit Mystery Cruises

Dazzle Ferry

​Enjoy an evening of super sleuthing to solve the case that will unfold before your eyes whilst you sail along the River Mersey. A light supper of homemade scouse will be served during the cruise and the licenced bar will be open so you can buy drinks.

Cruise Dates

Public Enemy Number One - Saturday 28th April
​It's prohibition time, 1925, and Chicago's 'public enemy number one' Al Capone has recently acquired Johnny Torrios 'business' and now is supplying the cities speakeasies with liqueur, but federal attentions and local rivalries are making things difficult. It's no longer safe to transport the illegal alcohol by road, and with New York, Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Chicago all in need of supplies, something must be done.

Capone has struck a deal with a supplier south of the US border, and so the next supply will be transported by water - across the sea and up river.  A crew of Capone's best, most trusted men have been put together for the job - but it won’t be easy. Rumour has it that there's a rat on board, and he's brought the feds along with him. This job has to go smoothly, capiche? Or Capone will take a bat to each and every one of the crew...

Step on board and join 'The North Side Gang' for an evening of Gangsters, Molls, illegal liqueur and old scores that need settling - it's time to don the fedora or the feather boa and make for the high seas - there's illegal liqueur that needs drinking and doubtless a murder or two that will need solving before the ship pulls in to dock. Flush out the rat and solve the murder before Capone catches wind of what’s going on - or you’ll be sleeping with fishes!

Blood on the Water - Thursday 9th August
The 'Savannah'- a pioneering vessel - the first steam ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  Back in those days, vessels sailed - they weren't powered by steam - steam was to be feared 'why the very speed would set a man on fire'. Struggling to put together an experienced group of sailors to man her, Captain Moses has instead assembled a rag-tag bunch of men-on-the-run, miscreants with nothing to lose - thieves, con men and murderers all.

On the night, we'll welcome you aboard the Savannah, as we ready ourselves to depart Georgia, USA and head for Liverpool, England. The word is that there’s a vendetta amongst the men, someone is out for blood! Interrogate the crew, find the killer, discover the truth!

Precious Cargo - Friday 12th October
After several months at sea, the crew of the science vessel - 'Pathfinder' - are returning victorious, for they have found what they were looking for and are now finally returning home. Deep on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean it lay, where it had been for many years, decades, centuries... the mission to retrieve it had been an arduous one and has cost the crew a great deal - but for what?  Only one man knows what the mysterious precious cargo really is, and after being kept in the dark for so long, the men and women around him are growing murderously curious…

Other important information
Tickets are £25 per person an will include a portion of our famous Homemade Scouse (GF) or Homemade Blind Scouse (GF, V). Please order your preference when buying your ticket. Any alcohol must be purchased on board the ferry. If you would like to book tickets, please call 0151 330 1003, ask at the ferry terminal or visit our online shop.

7.20pm from Seacombe
7.30pm from Pier Head, Liverpool 

Please note - Cruise duration is 2 hours and most of the action takes place on the upper deck which is only accessible by stairs. This cruise is not suitable for children.

Children are not permitted on the cruise.
We recommend warm layers preparing you for all weather during the cruise.