Explorer 1 Space Ride

​Experience life beyond the Stars!

Take a journey through space and learn more about our planet and beyond.

At Spaceport you’ll find fun and interactive displays and an exciting cosmic coaster space ride.

There are a variety of themed galleries which make learning about the solar system, Milky Way and more great fun. On the upper floor visit our brand new Interactive Zone and learn about the influence of science in space.

To find out more visit the Spaceport website.

Jedi School - Interactive Show - 23 - 26 Oct
Welcome to Planet Typhone - Part of the Deep Core Star System. You, our latest Padawan recruits must prepare to be schooled in ways of the mystical and powerful force - the very energy that bings the galaxy together, in your journey to become a Jedi Master!

You will be trained by some familiar faces - as well as some of the Jedi orders more secretive masters. But beware, for there has been a great disturbance in the force, and you must be careful not to stray onto the dark side.

Jedi School is included in the normal ticket price.