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The Royal Iris is currently not in service. The Dazzle Ferry is operating commuter and River Explorer Cruises. Please note we reserve the right to change the vessel in service, due to operational reasons.

The Royal Iris of the Mersey, one of our most famous ferries, regularly sails along the river taking passengers on River Explorer Cruises, Manchester Ship Canal Cruises and Evening Cruises.

The Royal Iris of the Mersey has a traditional white, black and red livery and has a top speed of 12 knots. From launch in Devon in 1959 until a major refurbishment in 2001, she was named Mountwood. Following the major upgrade to the vessel, she was renamed Royal Iris of the Mersey on her return to service in April 2002.

In recognition of the part that Iris and Daffodil played in the raid on Zeebrugge during the First World War in 1918, King George V granted permission to add the Royal prefix to the names of these ferries. The Royal Iris of Mersey continues this tradition by retaining the Royal prefix.

There have been ferries on the Mersey since 1150AD, and the crossing from Birkenhead to Liverpool has been a royal highway since 1330. Mersey Ferries have served the people of the Liverpool City Region for over 800 years and are a much loved part of the regions’ character.

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