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Ferry Love Stories

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

We love hearing all about your special memories of the ferry, and finding out how the ferry has played a central role in some of the most important and happiest times in your lives. From an unforgettable trip as a child with your family, to the funniest works night out, a proposal, the night you met your partner or even your wedding reception.

To celebrate some of your wonderful memories here are just a few ferry love stories to make you smile and bring a tear to your eye! 

Jean and Ron: 50 Golden Years

Jean and Ron met on an Evening Cruise, on the Royal Iris, in May 1967 and will celebrate their 50th golden wedding anniversary this August. Jean says that her meeting with Ron was “meant to be”, as she nearly missed the ferry:

Usually my friends and I went on the Saturday dance cruise from the Pier Head (three of us all together) but that night we were waiting for our friend to arrive and the draw bridge was about to be raised for the boat to leave, we decided she was not coming (no mobiles in those days) and thought it best not to wait anymore. We both dashed on board, so as not to miss the dance.”

Jean met Ron on the dance floor that night as 'Knock On Wood' by Amii Stewart played in the background. They have been together ever since.

The couple live in Wirral, have raised two children together and have two grandchildren. Jean and Ron are pictured above on the ferry in 2019, with their granddaughter Sienna and dogs Oscar and Hattie.

Congratulations Jean and Ron, we can’t wait to welcome you back onto one of our Evening Cruises to party with you.

Helen and John: A Halloween Wedding with Doves

Helen and John married on Halloween (31 October) in 1987 in Brougham Terrace Registry Office. After their ceremony Helen and John whisked their guests to the docks by bus, had some chips and enjoyed an afternoon cruise on the ferry.

Helen and John met a young boy on the ferry that day, who released two white doves to wish the newly married couple good luck.

If you recognise the young man in the photo with the doves, let us know on social media @Mersey Ferries.

People thought John had organised the doves, but no, it just happened, like so many things did on that wonderful Halloween, on the magical Mersey Ferry. The start of our wonderful happy life together.”

Helen and John were married for 28 years before John sadly passed away in 2015.

John was and still is the love of my life. When we were on the ferry on our wedding day, another passenger asked John "Is she real?” and John said, "She is the realest person I have ever known" which still brings a wee tear to my eye.

We had a small wedding, after the ceremony we got eleven bags of chips, ate them on the ferry and fed them to the seagulls too. We met a young busker on the gangway who sang ‘Perhaps Love’ to us, and it was always our song.”

Helen cherishes the memories of her special day on the ferry, and has since joined the Mann Island Choir and has made lots more happy memories performing at Mann Island and on the ferry. Helen is pictured (second from the right) bringing some festive cheer to staff and commuters on the ferry last Christmas with the choir.  

Hayley and John: Wedding Reception with a Difference 

Hayley and John celebrated their special day with a reception on the ferry in 2019. The ferries team worked with the couple for over a year to help them create the perfect evening.

Hayley and John decided to hold their reception on the ferry as they wanted something a bit different and thought their guests would love to see the unique views of the waterfront from the deck of the world famous Mersey Ferry.

"John and I had the most wonderful wedding reception. From the attentive staff on board, the food, drink, band, cakes and decorations all made possible thanks to the seamless planning and arranging by the team.

All of our guests have said they had the most wonderful unique experience and watching the skyline of Liverpool at night from the ferry was the perfect end to the day.”

We are looking forward to welcoming future brides and grooms onto the ferry, and being part of your special moments again. Find out more about hosting an event on the ferry in the future.

If you met your partner or held your wedding reception on the ferry let us know on social media @merseyferries, we’d love to see some pictures of your wonderful day and hear your ferry love story.

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