The Eureka! Science + Discovery Experience

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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Liverpool City Region’s newest attraction, Eureka! Science + Discovery, has opened its doors for families to enjoy a whirlwind of fun. The new Wirral attraction offers young people aged up to 14 a fun and educational experience to discover how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics influence and shape our lives - connecting the everyday with the extraordinary. 


Where is Eureka! Science + Discovery?  

Located at the newly refurbished Mersey Ferries Seacombe Ferry Terminal, visitors can catch the River Explorer Cruise to get to and from Eureka! Science + Discovery, whilst enjoying the iconic sights of Liverpool and Wirral’s waterfronts. 

Enjoy a fun filled day out for less as we are offering a 20% introductory discount on all River Explorer Cruise tickets with all valid Eureka! Science + Discovery tickets. So, take advantage of this offer whilst you can and use Mersey Ferries to travel to/from Eureka! Science + Discovery. Alternatively, if you’re from the Wirral, just extend the fun with a trip on the ferry too. Find out more about Eureka! Science + Discovery’s location. 


The Eureka! Science + Discovery Experience 

Start your visit off at the Body section to discover the wonderful ways our bodies keep us going. Take a peek at what is inside us, battle against robots to see how we compare, and take on the role of the digestion system to turn our food into poo - don’t forget to flush afterwards! 

Next, head upstairs to the Homes section to explore all the things that are a part of the fabric and space within our houses. Wonder through each room in the house, from living room to bedroom, and bathroom to kitchen. Find out how your cat communicates with you and see if you’re up to the challenge of catching the string before them. Have a boogie to your own music at the bathroom DJ set, and in the kitchen, you can enjoy a giant cuppa and a piece of toast as you learn how kitchen appliances work.

Before leaving the homes section, make sure you say hello to Luna, Eureka!’s giant house cat. 

The next part of the experience is the fascinating Nature section, where you can explore everything you need to know about animals and the climate. Take a look at the amazing inventions corner to get your brains working up some wacky and wonderful inventions, like swimming goggles for dogs! Whilst in the nature section you can take a rest in the Nest and enjoy footage of actual wildlife (sadly there is no David Attenborough commentary) or reach new heights in the Climbing Tree. 


River Explorer Cruise Information  

Combine your trip to Eureka! Science + Discovery with a River Explorer Cruise on the world-famous Mersey Ferry. Cruises depart hourly from The Liverpool Gerry Marsden Ferry Terminal located at the Pier Head in Liverpool and Seacombe Ferry Terminal in Wirral. Check out our sailing times and find out more about our River Explorer Cruises. 

To purchase tickets to Eureka! Science + Discovery head to their website. Standard admission includes an annual pass, so you only need to pay once, and you can visit as many times as you would like for a whole year. To everyone who purchases a ticket to Eureka! Science + Discovery, we are offering a 20% discount on all River Explorer Cruise tickets. Find out more and buy your discounted River Explorer Cruise tickets online.