Manchester Ship Canal Cruise


The following Manchester Ship Canal Cruise dates are scheduled for 2019. Gift vouchers are available to buy online and by calling 0151 330 1003. 

Tickets for the 2019 sailings will be on sale in December.  ​

For passengers departing Seacombe/Liverpool to Salford, you will be collected by coach once you arrive at Salford for the return journey to Liverpool/Seacombe. Similarly, if you depart from Salford to Liverpool, a return coach will take you back to Manchester at the end of your trip. We may offer a short stopover opportunity in Liverpool on sailings from Salford to Liverpool, before the return coach transfer. Details will be confirmed before 2019 tickets go on sale​.

seacombe/liv​erpool - salford


salford - liverpool

May​ ​ ​ ​
​Thursday 9th May​​​ ​1​1.00am​ ​Friday 10th May 10.00am​​
Tuesday 21st May ​10.00am Wednesday 22nd May 10.00am
June ​ ​
Tuesday 4th June ​10.00am ​Wednesday 5th June ​10.00am
Saturday 8th June ​11.30am ​Sunday 9th June ​10.00am
​Monday 17th June ​10.00am Tuesday 18th June ​10.00am
​Saturday 22nd June ​11.00am ​Sunday 23rd June ​10.00am
​July ​ ​ ​
​Monday 1st July ​10.00am ​Tuesday 2nd July ​10.00am
​Saturday 6th July ​11.00am ​Sunday 7th July ​11.00am
Thursday 18th July​ ​11.00am ​Friday 19th July 10.00am
Saturday 20th July ​10.00am ​Sunday 21st July 10.30am
​Tuesday 30th July ​10.00am ​Wednesday 31st July ​9.30am
​August ​ ​ ​
​Tuesday 6th August ​11.30am Wednesday 7th August ​10.00am
​Wednesday 14th August ​11.00am ​Thursday 15th August 10.00am
​Saturday 17th August ​10.00am ​Sunday 18th August ​10.30am
​Wednesday 21st August ​10.30am ​Thursday 22nd August ​10.30am
​Friday 30th August ​9.30am ​Saturday 31st August ​10.00am
September​ ​ ​ ​
Wednesday 4th September ​11.30am ​Thursday 5th September 11.00am
​Saturday 14th September ​11.30am ​Sunday 15th September 10.00am
Saturday 21st September 11.30am​ ​Sunday 22nd September ​10.00am
​October​ ​
​Friday 4th October ​11.30am ​Saturday 5th October 11.00am



The Manchester Ship Canal is a commercial shipping channel and cruises can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. Our Captain will make every effort to arrive on time but please be prepared for possible delays .


  • Babies under two are free, however they do need a ticket, to obtain one please call 0151 330 1003.
  • Wheelchair spaces on our return coach need to be reserved, please call 0151 330 1003.
  • Price includes coach return transport.
  • Please note: our online booking system does not accept American Express​