Manchester Ship Canal Cruise


The following Manchester Ship Canal Cruise dates are scheduled for 2019. ​Gift vouchers are also available to buy online and by calling 0151 330 1003. To book tickets for 2019 sailing dates
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For passengers departing Seacombe/Liverpool to Salford, you will be collected by coach once you arrive at Salford for the return journey to Liverpool/Seacombe. Similarly, if you depart from Salford to Liverpool, a return coach will take you back to Manchester at the end of your trip. Most sailings from Salford include a short stopover in Liverpool before the return coach transfer, please check timetable below for details.

​Includes 2 hours 30 mins stopover in Liverpool
​Includes 1 hours 30 mins stopover in Liverpool


seacombe/liv​erpool -Salford    


salford - liverpool

​July ​ ​ ​
Thursday 18th July​ ​11.00am ​Friday 19th July 10.00am
Saturday 20th July ​10.00am ​Sunday 21st July 10.30am
​Tuesday 30th July ​10.00am ​Wednesday 31st July ​9.30am
​August ​ ​ ​
​Tuesday 6th August ​11.30am Wednesday 7th August  ​10.00am
​Wednesday 14th August ​11.00am ​Thursday 15th August  10.00am
​Saturday 17th August ​10.00am ​Sunday 18th August 10.30am
​Wednesday 21st August ​10.30am ​Thursday 22nd August 10.30am
​Friday 30th August ​9.30am ​Saturday 31st August  ​10.00am
September​ ​ ​ ​
Wednesday 4th September ​11.30am ​Thursday 5th September - no stopover  11.00am
​Saturday 14th September ​11.30am ​Sunday 15th September  10.00am
Saturday 21st September 11.30am​ ​Sunday 22nd September  10.00am
​October​ ​
​Friday 4th October ​11.30am ​Saturday 5th October - no stopover  11.00am



The Manchester Ship Canal is a commercial shipping channel and cruises can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. Our Captain will make every effort to arrive on time but please be prepared for possible delays .


  • Babies under two are free, however they do need a ticket, to obtain one please call 0151 330 1003.
  • Wheelchair spaces on our return coach need to be reserved, please call 0151 330 1003.
  • Price includes coach return transport.
  • Please note: our online booking system does not accept American Express​