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Question 1

Why did the monks of Birkenhead Priory provide the first ferry crossing in 1150?
A: Sightseeing
B: Fishing trips
C: Taking people to Liverpool’s markets

Question 2

What year did the crossing from Birkenhead to Liverpool become a Royal Highway?
A: 1150
B: 1330
C: 1969

Question 3

In 1918 Iris and Daffodil took part in the Raid of Zeebrugge in the First World War. In recognition King George V granted permission to add what prefix to the names of both ferries?
A: Royal
B: Ferry
C: Liverpool’s Famous

Question 4

What year was Gerry and the Pacemaker's famous song 'Ferry Cross the Mersey' released in the uk?
A: 1970
B: 1960
C: 1964

Question 5

Name the artist that designed the eye catching Dazzle Ferry design?
A: Sir Peter Blake
B: Banksy
C: David Hockney

Question 6

What is the top speed of the Royal Iris of the Mersey?
A: 12 knots
B: 40 knots
C: 5 Knots

Question 7

In May 2015 Cunard's Three Queens visited Liverpool to celebrate Cunard's 175 anniversary, can you name all three ships?

Question 8

On a River Explorer Cruise you'll see incredible views of the Three Graces, but do you know who designed the iconic Royal Liver Building?
A: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott
B: Jesse Hartley
C: Walter Aubrey Thomas

Question 9 

What are the names of Liverpool's famous Liver Birds?
A: Maggie and Bill
B: Bella and Bertie
C: Iris and Daffodil

Question 10

We carry lots of passengers along the Mersey each year, can you name two cruises that Mersey Ferries currently operate?



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